Top  8 social media tools: Simplifying Complication for Greater Good.

Top 8 social media tools: Simplifying Complication for Greater Good.

Thinking of launching a Social media Campaign? Are you confused, how to start? Social media tools can come in handy. 

Social media evolution is dynamic and changing very fast. The race to stay ahead of the game is making Social media tools more popular.

To maintain the quality of social media and making it profitable at the same time is a great challenge. Social Media Management tools are here to make your social media activity staggering. 

Social media tools competition

The invisible competition among social media is making it hard to keep track of rapid changes in social media. It is a great responsibility to keep your social media posts interactive and engaging at the same time. 

Advertising through Social media marketing without any compromise to customer experience surely looks tough. When you are working really hard to make things better, every element on your post counts.

This is where social media tools management kicks in. You should choose carefully any social media tool that will help in your content construction. Picking the right tool for the right element is a work of art to make your work perfect.

Perfect social media tools selection

We here will particularly be discussing the social media tools that will enhance productivity. Social media tools analytics will be discussed in another article. 

Have you ever tried any project from scratch? 

Working on any project is really painful and takes a lot of time. If you don’t agree( well, everyone does) then you haven’t tried any tools yet. Tools are another great way of making things simple and enjoying your work.

What is Social media tools?

These are the ready-made tools that help you optimize your content to meet the trending market standards.

They can provide you a wide range of services that includes:

  • Maintaining different social media through a common platform
  • Content development
  • Market or trend Analysis
  • Publishing your content, etc. 

Why Social media tools management?

We all are certainly aware of social media benefits. Brand awareness, product promotion, traffic increase are few of many.

Social media tools branding

Social media tools can be your great companion. We often get stuck during the development of content. These social media tools help us in a great many ways.

  1. Saves a lot of your time.
  2. Increases Your business
  3. Increases the usability of the different apps
  4. Makes your campaigns organized
  5. Some are free and not very expensive either

Is social media management tools free?

Getting social media management tools free is a dream that came true for any Social media marketer. Who doesn’t love free tools? (I do).

Free tools are great especially when your work involves the integration of different independent elements. But not all the tools are free. 

We are trying to list the tools that are free to some extent. However, they aren’t completely free.

List of Social media tools:

Here’s my social media tools list. The order of these lists are random and my personal favorite.

1. Canva:

Canva tops my list. Canva is an online graphic design website with drag and drop features. Canva is used by every digital marketer out there every day. We all know how important a Graphics design can be for any content.

Social media tools canva

A beautifully presented picture can deliver a strong message that words can never explain. Using Photoshop or hiring someone for graphics design is not necessary after you start using Canva.

It contains millions of templates to play with. Create a design that you crave for with Canva. It’s free to use.

2. Google Trends:

Following the trends is always necessary to stay in the business. Making Changes according to trends are the absolute parameters to stay ahead. 

Remember Nokia and Kodiak, they collapsed due to the lack of adaptability to the latest trends.

If the right products are triggered at the right time or if the necessary business strategy is developed according to trends, your business will flourish.

Social media tools google trends

Google trends can be your excellent options to be updated to the trends. If you enter any terms, trends will tell you the time, data, and location related to the trends. If you clear all your terms, then it shows the trending topics that surround the location. 

Stay ahead by analyzing the trends and running necessary campaigns on Social media. It’s completely free to use.

3. Buffer Publish:

Buffer is a social media tool that lets you schedule the various social media posts, analyze the performance, and manage various social accounts in one place.

buffer social media tools

Buffer publish allows you to schedule your social media posts and it publishes the content in your preferred time. Scheduling time for any contents has a lot to do in social media marketing, identification of a particular time enhances your post engagements. 

Android, ios, and chrome extension makes it easier to work.

4. Unfold:

It is branded as the toolkit for storytellers. Unfold is a mobile-based application that helps you to create story templates. Instagram stories are the number one market influencing factor.

It lets you create beautifully staggering stories. You can create your story with more than 200 templates from the collection like Film Frames and Ripped Paper. You can easily curate fonts and stickers in your content. It’s completely free to use.

5. Quuu :

Quuu is another awesome social media management tool that entirely focuses on hand-curated content for your post. Contents on your post are very important. They are solely responsible for your social media following and your post engagements.

It suggests related and trending high-quality hand-curated content that meets your business needs. It’s more like a network. You can send your contents and if approved they are suggested to another user. The relevant suggestion consists of Content links, related hashtags, and social handles. Once you login you are good to go. It’s free to use.

social media tools enjoyment

6. Design Wizard:

Design Wizard is another great multimedia development tool. You see Social media posts are all about multimedia.

Ask yourself, would you read a post or simply look at the picture?

The answer is obvious: I love to gaze at the Picture.

Graphics design is essential in digital marketing but not something everybody enjoys. You can easily design different content like photos and videos in no time. It has a great collection of millions of templates to use. You will get everything that you would expect from any other editor tool.

Oh!, You can even customize the dashboard in the way you want. It includes free trials.

7. Feedly:

Have you ever run out of content for your daily updates? Now with Feedly, you won’t. As the name suggests this tool is enriched with feeds. Feedly is an online platform that makes sure you read content every day. It can be a great tool for readers and researchers.

Social media are chained with content. Feedly can be a great tool, to keep a close eye on the influencer of your market. Following blogs, being updated on the latest industry news was never this easy before.

It removes the hassle of visiting several websites. You can just simply add the RSS feed. It can be your daily dose of content generator. It is free.

8. Open Broadcaster Software(OBS) Studio:

Ever felt the necessity of streaming software. OBS Studio can help you with all your streaming needs. If your page/ channel has a bunch of followers and you do live sessions very often then OBS can be the ultimate tool for you. 

It is a screen recorder, streaming software, and a video editor as well. It is a high-performance real-time audio/video capturing and mixing tool.

This tool not only makes you live but also helps integrate various still images, footage from games. capture a portion of your screen and much more. This tool is specially designed for Gamers.

It is an open-source project hence is completely free. This tool is available for the different versions of OS you are using.


Tools are great to help you when you lack proper funds and time. There is always a simple way around. There is a solution developed for your every need. When you have a vast range of duties and your every job needs to be perfected, tools are the best alternative to start with. Social media tools management has never been easier.

Social media tools conclusion emoji

Imagining any jobs without these tools is already agonizing. What is your favorite among these tools? What do you use on your daily project? Comment below your thoughts. 

Thanks for reading.

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