Linux Vs Windows: 10 Reasons Why Linux Is Better

Linux Vs Windows: 10 Reasons Why Linux Is Better

The Linux vs Windows dispute is an evergreen topic to debate. There’s no doubt that Windows is the most famous and used operating system out there, and the logic behind people love it may fluctuate from person to person. Some like it because of its User-friendly scenery, while others attach to it because their favorite apps’ are not available for other operating systems.

Till Linux has also gained popularity newly and is all set to grow by 19.2% by the year 2027. While this is a sign of something good about the OS, most people still neglect it. In this article, here are some reasons why Linux is better than Windows.

Linux Vs Windows

Reason 1: Open-Source

Generally, we call software is open-source when the source code is available for everyone to edit. This implies as soon as you download an open-source software, you control it.

open-source_Linux Vs Windows

Since Linux is open-source, hundreds of developers contribute their “better variants of code,” working on upgrading the OS as you state this sentence. This feature has eased Linux to become a rock-solid, reliable, and highly customizable operating system.

Reason 2: Distributions

The feature to be open-source has enabled developers to make their own versions of the OS, which are named “Distributions“. There are hundreds of distributions for users who like to have specific elements like the feature sets, UI, and so on.

Reason 3: Multi-device Support

Multi-device Support_Linux Vs Windows

Another reason for the favor of Linux in the debate “Linux Vs Windows” is Multi-device Support. You might assume that Linux isn’t famous but, the high majority of devices in the world operate on Linux. Everything from our pocket-sized smartphones to smart IoT devices like a smart toaster operates on Linux. Even Microsoft practices Linux in its cloud platform Azure. Android is based on Linux as well. Hence, Linux is a multi-device support OS.

Reason 4: Command Line

Since Linux was basically made to operate on servers, you can cruise the entire system practicing just the command line. The command line is the essence of Linux; it’s all you need to learn to be able to and you’ll be known as a Linux power user. One can automate tasks and implement your own scripts.

command line_Linux Vs Windows

Reason 5: Desktop Environments

In Linux, Desktop environments are highly customizable, and every one has its own perks. There are above 24 desktop environments, but some of the most successful ones are GNOME, KDE, Mate, Cinnamon, and Budgie.

Reason 6: Applications and Package Managers

Most maximum of the applications on Linux is also open-source. For instance, a good replacement to Microsoft’s Office suite is Libre Office. The only thing that’s staggering is the gaming synopsis on Linux.

A package manager actually keeps track of what’s installed on your computer and allows you to install, update, or remove the software efficiently. You can download a new application as package managers using only one command line.

Reason 7: Linux Is Easier On Hardware

Linux can blow new life into PCs with old hardware that struggles to run Windows. The minimum hardware specifications to run Ubuntu are a dual-core 2GHz processor and 4 GB RAM. If you believe that’s still too much, distros like Linux Lite needs only 768MB of RAM and a 1GHz processor.

Reason 8: Portability

Another reason for the favor of Linux in the debate “Linux Vs Windows” is Portability. The capability to carry the entire OS on a USB drive is marvelous! This could demonstrate to be handy, notably when your main work requires testing large numbers of machines. Say you’re exploring and don’t want to take your laptop, and if you take the pen drive with you, you can boot into Linux on nearly any computer.

Reason 9: Community And Support

There is a vast Linux community available in different media platforms for Linux’s growth. You can question anything even if your question verbalizes stupid, and you’ll get an answer immediately.

Reason 10: Learning

The core to learning Linux is to use it extensively and direct questions to the Linux users community. Mastering the CLI is not an easy task, but tremendous career possibilities expect you once you do it.

Here, we have provided you an overview of the “Linux Vs Windows: 10 Reasons Why Linux Is Better“. Now, it is up to you to take the next step. If you have any queries regarding the following topics, please feel free to ask us in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

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