Signal Vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative In 2021?

Signal Vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative In 2021?

WhatsApp is one of the most widespread messaging apps available in the market, with above five billion downloads on the Google Play Store alone. However, WhatsApp is dropping users’ attention at an excessive speed because of the privacy devastation created by updating its new privacy policies.

Signal and Telegram, two best WhatsApp alternative messenger apps that are known to follow good privacy practices, are consequently testifying a sudden rush in installations. Signal, in fact, has risen to the top free apps category on the App Store in the world right now.

Why you should quit using WhatsApp?

On the basis of WhatsApp’s new privacy policy updates, the messaging app will share users’ data with Facebook starting on February 8th. Users have no option but to allow the changes except they wish to stop using the app and uninstall it.

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The shared information will carry “Account registration information (such as your phone number), transaction data, service-related information, information on how you interact with others” and many more.

Signal vs Telegram: The best WhatsApp alternative?

Signal and Telegram are full of features, stable, and straightforward to practice chatting apps. That being stated, one remains at the top over the other in certain perspectives. Here are the big differences between the best WhatsApp alternative.


Given the circumstances, it’s only normal that privacy is one of our biggest attention. Now, the big question — which of the two is the most private and encrypted messaging app?

We will respond that will after looking at Apple’s new app privacy labels, which notify users what data is being gathered by the app — that acted as one of the biggest agitators in making changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy. iOS privacy labels are divided into three sections: Data used to track you, Data linked to you, and data not linked to you.

Here are the major differences between the data requested by Signal, Telegram, and WhatsApp:

Phone NumberNameDevice ID
Phone NumberUser ID
ContactsAdvertising Data
User IDPurchase History
Coarse Location
Phone Number
Email Address
Product Interaction
Crash Data
Performance Data
Other Diagnostic Data
Payment Info
Customer Support
Other User Content
Product Interaction

We believe that all your uncertainties about whether you should stop using WhatsApp or not are removed after looking at its data collection practices.

As for Signal vs Telegram, it’s secure to say that Signal is the most private messaging app here. Signal makes no attempt to recognize you or your account whereas Telegram can with the help of User ID. That being announced, Telegram is also completely privacy-focused if you’d relate it to many other messenger apps.

Messaging features

When we observe the best WhatsApp alternative, be assured as Signal and Telegram both have a lot of features. However, you will see a few differences between the two:

Signal Private messenger highlights that are not found on Telegram:

Signal Vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative In 2021? 3
  • Disable read symbols and typing signs. Toggling them off would mean the recipient will not get to know if you have read the message and whether you’re have typewritten something or not
  • Fast reply to messages with emoji reactions

Telegram messenger highlights that are not found on Signal:

Signal Vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative In 2021? 4
  • See online status or last seen of the recipient
  • Begin a chat with a person without identifying their phone number
  • Telegram groups can possess up to 200,000 members
  • You can post animated stickers and GIFs (Signal assists in sending GIFs via gif supported keyboards, but does not allow in-app GIF integration)
  • You can edit the messages after you’ve transferred them.
  • Remove messages from the group if you are the admin
  • Chats can be filed into folders

Comparing the two, Telegram has more features than Signal. However, Signal is continually improving and appending new things.

Note that we’ve only specified features that are novel to both messengers. If you are shifting from WhatsApp, you will face no problem using any one of them.

Platform availability

Signal and Telegram are both possible on Android, Windows, macOS, iOS, iPad OS, and Linux. Telegram, however, also has got a web version and a Chrome web extension.


Overall, Signal and Telegram are some of the best WhatsApp alternatives. However, if we look into particular areas, Signal cannot be defeated in privacy matters whereas Telegram is the champion when it reaches features.

We believe that you get more than just an interpretation on the topic entitled, “Signal Vs Telegram: Which Is The Best WhatsApp Alternative In 2021?” If you have any confusion on the following topics, please feel free to ask us in the comment down below.

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