Image licensed Structured data is now supported by Google Search console and Rich Results Test tools

Image licensed Structured data is now supported by Google Search console and Rich Results Test tools

Google search console now supports image structured data

Were you worried about the markup of your licensed image? Well, here a good news for you. Google from their google webmaster twitter account just announced the support of the licensed structured data in google search console and Rich results test tools. 

Now the image structured data will provide you the extra information for licensed images. Google has always acted as an intermediate between the owner and the search engine. It provides the necessary guidelines to make improvements. 

Google search engine will now notify you of the errors on the image schemas. 

Image license metadata are the schema markup that shows the licensing information of the image on the Google image results. 

In February google confirmed the beta testing image markup schema to display the information.

A new section called image licensed is added inside enhancement menus. This section is only displayed if you use image markups. If this isn’t displayed then probably google doesn’t detect the markup on your website.

It is also reported that image licensed structured data is among 17 different markups supported by Rich Result test tools.

You can add the image license schema in two different ways:

1. Structured data:

If you are planning to add license schema through a Structured data then you need to specify content URL and license.

2. IPTC photo metadata:

You can also use IPTC photo metadata to add information about the image. But make sure to embed IPTC metadata in an image. Google also stated that web statements of the right to be mandatory. 

Check out structured data for the image from here.

It’s definitely something that should be considered to avoid misuse of your property. It can be a huge step for minimizing any potential loss of copyright images.

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