Top Experimented Easy Youtube SEO tips to consider in 2020

Top Experimented Easy Youtube SEO tips to consider in 2020

YouTube – the answer to almost everything through video content. YouTube has proven its market dominance over the course of time. Hence, YouTube SEO tips are more important than ever.

There are many videos delivering social media but none are like YouTube.

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“Have you used YouTube?” This question isn’t relevant anymore. How often do you use youtube search over google search?

For most people using the internet, the internet is equal to Facebook and youtube.

The Internet is full of generic youtube SEO tips. You can find them everywhere. Everybody is following the same guidelines so these guidelines are outdated. 

Here we are trying to put some new yet tested and tried youtube SEO tips that will increase your performance on youtube. 

Why YouTube?

That’s where the majority of traffic is. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that youtube is the search engine of videos. Everybody around wants to be a YouTuber and wants to develop content that would earn them enough traffic and money.

Still not convinced then look at this.

youtube seo tips youtube traffic

Before diving in, let us first understand some basics here.

Different metrics that matter to YouTuber

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Youtube is a huge platform. The content covers every scope you can think of. You have a Google account then you are eligible to open your own youtube channel. You can start earning money in no time. This is why youtube is so famous among young generations. 

But it’s not that easy, you see. There are some basic metrics you need to be aware of. Google uses these basic metrics to evaluate your channel.

  1. Watch time: This is the key metric that shows the quality of your content. Watch time is the total amount of time that your audience spends watching your videos. 
  2. Average Percentage Viewed: It is the average percentage of viewers that your each video receives. It measures the content credibility for each video.
  3. Average View Duration: It is the ratio of total watch time of your video to the total number of video plays.
  4. Re-watches: It is the number of times that viewers revisit your video. If a viewer is constantly viewing your video then it assures Google that your video is informative and engaging.
  5. Engagements: There are measurements on various factors that measure the engagement. Share, likes, comments, subscribe, etc.

Want to read more on different youtube metrics –Click here.

What is youtube SEO?

SEO is for search engines, right? Then why are we doing “What is youtube SEO?”. Well as a matter a fact, Youtube is also considered as the Search engine. The only difference is it is the search engine of the Videos.
If your SEO is based to rank your videos on youtube then you are working on Youtube SEO.

SEO works the same way for youtube as in the different search engines. The SEO determining metrics are different but the process remains the same.

Now you are familiar with the different Youtube SEO determining metrics. Let’s now explore some youtube SEO tips to enhance your youtube SEO to a whole new next level.

Youtube SEO Tips

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It is not a new thing to dominate the SERP result by working on your SEO. The same applies to youtube as well. Content generation particularly requires a lot of time and resources.

You are here dealing with Video Content so the expenditure here is quite high. What is the point of investing with no returns? Here are some of our best youtube SEO tips that will not only improve your youtube SEO but also the engagements. 

1. Use of Keyword

Keywords are the keys to youtube too. You should really work on the set of keywords you want to rank on and use the exact same keywords for the Video title.

The search engines are getting smarter every day. They are constantly progressing in terms of content evaluation. Gone are the days when Google used to rank the keyword-stuffed content. Now they are peculiarly concentrated about analyzing the keywords.

So, make your keyword research count and use the keywords you can rank on youtube. Using exact keywords tell the A.I the exact keywords you want to rank on.

2. Video Length

You are delivering a video. Video is a series of photographic content set in the motion which propagates in time. Time is a critical factor for Video. As we already know that the watch time is the key metric that will help you to rank on youtube.

How will you improve the watch time of your channel?

The obvious and generic answer is keeping the viewer engaged throughout the video duration. If the content of your video is engaging and informative then it’s sure that the users will view the full video.

Making a longer video provides the necessary resource to your video that will surely increase the watch time.

Consider an example, if your video is 10 mins long and your viewer is entertained they will watch the full video. You can do the math for the same scenario if your video was 2 mins long. 

3. Making Impression

The first impression always counts. A survey on youtube says if you can engage your viewers for 15 seconds then they will most probably consume your video.

You need to work very hard on those starting 15 seconds.

You should give your viewers the basic insights that they will be getting out of the video. 

Brian Dean from Backlinko stresses on PPP implementation.

PPP stands for Preview, Proof, Preview.

Preview the exact motive of your video, no craps. Tell them how this method worked as a Proof and again at last Preview another motive of your video. This fact you are delivering shouldn’t match the first one. So, use your secondary motive.

4. Youtube Voice Recognition

Google and youtube are hugely capable of recognizing your voice.  Voice recognition is another great thing google’s been working on.

It is making a large impact on our search system already.

It is excessively implemented on youtube as well by google. Mention your keywords several times throughout the video. This action of yours just triggered youtube to recognize the keyword.

Top Experimented Easy Youtube SEO tips to consider in 2020 6
Remember me youtube “I am Groot

5. Interaction Symbols

Social media sites are revolutionary. They offer bidirectional communication. The various interaction signals make social media easily interactive. Youtube is no exception.

There are various interaction signals like like, share, comment. They indicate the popularity of your content. They are particularly important as they act as the progress indicator.

A comment is viewed as the key interactive signal. Use Call to action signals. Create a poll system that would arouse the viewer to participate in the comment.

Use the Specialized term so that they have to choose between. Can you imagine the number of comments you would get if you created a poll between Youtube and TikTok? 

6. Maintain Click-Through Rate:

Youtube is smart. It has the potential to analyze the flow of traffic. You can see the dedicated sections called trending.

The videos that are viewed excessively in any particular region are ranked higher in trending. The trending videos also tend to appear on the front.

You need to optimize the click-through rate. Youtube gives your three opportunities to showcase your video.

They are titles, thumbnails, descriptions. Make sure to add concise information of your video with keywords, Use the title and description that would provide a definitive sense.

Make a thumbnail that would represent your brand value. Use the image and text to make it more descriptive. 

7. Wise Investment

Value is what makes you stand out from the rest. If you could provide genuine content to the user then you will retain your viewer- meaning they will follow your channels for new updates.

Audience retention is the most important factor that can’t be missed on any Digital Marketing domain. Invest in your resources and set-up. Add up the production value to your video. 

8. Link Formation

Link building works here too. Try to obtain links to your channel and videos through various sources.

9. Social Signals

Social media signals can act as a very powerful medium to obtain popularity. Use social signals to get lots of views. Share your videos on various social media sites. They will definitely help your channel to grow indirectly.

In case the above sections seem like a lecture and you were snoring.

 Let’s just wrap up the youtube SEO tips:

  • Use the exact keywords as the content on title and description.
  • Make the First 15 seconds count.
  • Make long videos 
  •  Mention your keyword several times on your video
  • Efficiently use interactive signals
  • Work a lot on the Click-through rate.
  • Invest in resources that would increase the quality of your video.
  • Try to build links
  • Use different social signals

Time to say Good-Bye

youtube seo tips conclussion

Youtube has changed the way we consumed data and content. Building a video packed with the value alone isn’t enough for doing well on youtube. You need to follow some basic youtube SEO tips to rank better on youtube. 

Youtube can be a great source of income. Love your work can be a reality through youtube, as it gives you the freedom of working in your domain.

It only cost you a google account so it’s definitely worth a try. 

What are the things I missed in the youtube SEO tips list? Let us know via comment.

Stay safe and have a good time.

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