How to download songs (Free songs download sites)

How to download songs (Free songs download sites)

Everyone loves music. Many of you may be looking for good music that you can listen to while you are offline. There are sites that allow you to download music and songs legally and for free and. For people who are not sure how to download songs or get music for free, here is a list of free music and song download sites:

1. Soundcloud

SoundCloud offers a wide range of music and songs. The songs are uploaded by individual artists and famous musicians. There is a search bar where you can search the songs through artists’ tag or band. It also contains a small but fun collection of Hindi songs for download.

SoundCloud (How to download songs)

Sometime you may need to like a Facebook page to get the track. Firstly you need to sign in to Soundcloud. However, not all songs and music are free or available for download but there is more to choose from the free ones and can be downloaded easily. How to download songs? For this, you click on the download file button beneath the waveform. Please note that you cannot download a song or music from your mobile device

2. Jamendo

This is a common platform for individual artists and music lovers. All the content it offers is independent music. This site is well suited for music explorers and individuals who want to share their talent.  It offers free download under the Creative Common License. Jumendo has a well-organized playlist and radio station.


It also offers music that you can you for your videos or for commercial purposes at a fair price.

4. Internet archive audio

Internet Archive audio

In internet archive audio you can find not only free music but also audiobooks, live music, radio programs, and postcard. You can download music for free. The audios are not well categorized and may be difficult to find but, good searching will certainly lead you to some good songs. You can sort out the audio tracks available according to the year, media type, creator, topics &subjects, language.

3. Audiomack

Audiomack is free for all listeners. They focus on new, independent, and up-and-coming artists. the tracks are categorized into different sections such as Trending, Top Songs, and Top Albums that will help you to discover great songs.

Audiomack (how to download songs)

Not all songs in Audiomack are for free but there are many artists who offer their music for free download.

4. SoundClick

In sound click, you can stream or download music once, sell through the store, or licensed to others once you gave logged in. Sound click allows you to download songs directly from the artist’s web site. 


This is considered to be one of the best platforms for individual music. Moreover, SoundClick user has their own profile page where they can network with online people and it features photo albums, videos, blogs, and message boards. So, you get to know more about your favorite artist. You can create your custom radio stations and interact with other listeners on the forum.

5. allows you to stream music for free. While offering great listening, watching, and sharing features. It aims to learn your taste in music by paying attention to the music you listen to. It tracks what you listen to. It has an advanced tool that is known as the ‘Scrobbler’ tool that builds a profile for you, which provides a personalized musical recommendation.

What many of the users are unaware of is that it can also be used to download songs for free. If you are wondering how to download songs from for free then, firstly you need to click on the ‘Free music download‘ option at the bottom of the page and you will be presented with the list of songs that can be downloaded for free. The collection is not very vast but you can still find good songs to download.

6. PureVolume


PureVolume is a website intended to provide a platform for new music and emerging artists. The artists can signup and upload their creation on site. Artists have their own profile and it contains their basic details, music, and photos. Their songs can be streamed online and it can also be downloaded if the artists have made it available for download. Most of the uploaders make their work free for download so you can enjoy lots of music through PureVolume.

7. NoiseTrade

In NoiseTrade you can find thousands of songs performed by great artists from around the world for free. It is a global online audio and book distribution platform and is considered to be a great social network for music and book lovers. You may tip the artist a few bugs for the song that you have downloaded but this is as per your choice and not a compulsion.  

Noise trade

8. ReverbNation

ReverbNation is a popular platform for aspiring musicians. One of the main highlights of this website is a massive catalog of music created by artists from around the world. It has variety with several genres such as pop, hip hop, folk, and more.


Therefore, you will have plenty of music to explore and you can also download the ones that you like.

9. Free Amazon music store

Amazon has a wide variety of products to offer. You can buy MP3 songs directly from the Amazon music store. But there are songs that you do not need to pay for available in the Amazon music store. If you are confused about how to download songs for free from amazon then first visit the free music page in the digital music section. You will find many songs available for free download. It offers free downloads of the songs through their website or their mobile apps.

Free Amazon music store

Although you may not find the latest ones you will be amazed by the collection Free amazon music store has to offer.

10. Mp3 .com

You can find some good music here even though this website does not have a large collection of songs as some other sites mentioned here. There are a limited number of free songs available here. This site is also known as one of the oldest websites and a platform that provides opportunities for new artists to share their work.

11. YouTube

YouTube is very popular on the web for video streaming and you can also download songs from it. But downloading songs from YouTube is not easy. All songs on YouTube are not available for download. To find the songs available for download, you need to search for songs with the ‘Creative Commons’ filters. Some artists have made their work available for download on youtube.


If you are wondering how to download songs then certain artists also make their work available by leaving a link in the description. You might need to provide attribution to artists if you use their creation for any videos or songs.

So this is it. These are the sites that allow you to download songs legally and for free. Now you know how to download songs through various sites hope you will be able to enjoy varieties of songs even when you are offline.

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