World’s leading Companies are pausing Facebook Ads – Should you do the same?

World’s leading Companies are pausing Facebook Ads – Should you do the same?

Giant Companies worldwide are joining hands together against pausing Facebook Ads. Why suddenly facebook ads were stopped? Should you too be stoping your Ads? 

Pausing facebook Ads

Facebook is a giant social media company exploring new technology every day. Facebook is constantly developing different web technology. It is obviously the top scorer in social media. Facebook is extensively for running marketing campaigns by all sorts of companies. 

Facebook is free for every user. Nothing is free eventually. Facebook was constantly investing in its brand value by engaging users from different groups. The social benefits provided by Facebook can’t be ignored either.

The huge sum of Facebook revenue is generated by Facebook Ads until different companies worldwide decided to pause the paid promotion campaigns.

The stock price of Facebook declined last week as the top companies marketing on Facebook decided to pause Facebook Ads. 

Early reports show $7 billion losses.

What suddenly stirred the flow of pausing the Facebook ads?

Facebook was accused of promoting hate speech. It all started when Facebook decided to mediate the contents on its platforms. It began to filter out harmful and misleading content. 

Pausing facebook ads Mark

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg even stated to stop advertising containing specific race, ethnicity, gender, national origin, sexual orientation as he considers it a threat to others.

This statement from Facebook forced the large company to withdraw its ads campaigns as the response to hate speech.

The New York Times writes, “Mark’s complicated relation with president Trump is the center of controversy. ”

Who has joined the game?

Starbucks has recently made clear that they will stop promoting on social media starting from pausing Facebook ads. Starbucks alone spent $95 million on promotion last year. Coca-cola, Diageo, Unilever have already paused the Facebook Ads.  

Starbucks has also made it clear, they will continue publishing ads on Youtube- A Google Company. 

Mark has always been criticized for making rational decisions for the company benefits neglecting moral values.

Should you too join the “Pausing Facebook Ads” campaign?   

The answer varies with the scalability of your company. The companies who have joined the campaign are clearly the big names in the world economy. They have but very less impact on their business by the promotion. They have already established their brands. These are the large scale company we are talking about. 

If your company is a small-scale enterprise and your company sales largely depend on Paid promotion then, it wouldn’t be that wise to pause your promotion. 

Social media utilized by various strategies can enhance your brand value and business as well. It can be crucial for many startups companies who are considering to run their business on the online platform rather than establishing the physical outlets.

pausing facebook ads making choice

Do what suits you best, don’t just simply run behind someone who is already way ahead of you in both brand values and sales.

Will this ban on Facebook ads, affect its revenue. Will you also be joining the Ban? Share your thoughts on pausing Facebook Ads campaign by commenting below.

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