How to do Competitor Analysis for Website SEO in 2020? Top 6 Easy tools

How to do Competitor Analysis for Website SEO in 2020? Top 6 Easy tools

You just started your company and want to skyrocket your project then Competitor analysis for website might be the most sensible thing to start with.

Competitor website analysis makes even more sense from an SEO perspective because your competitors will provide a lot of insights on what you are doing wrong.

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We all want to meet some predefined standards set by the predecessors. These standards can be reflected by analyzing the profile of the competitors.

Competitor analysis for website provides all you need to know right out of the box.

Though you face a neck to neck competition with your competitors then you are your greatest ally who can ever exist to provide you improvements.

Competitors Analysis has always been the very core foundation of any business strategy. Every business is now running online. They all have a website for their digital presence.

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According to Forbes data,

 60% of the business gone online has developed a new business model. 55 % of the startup company is using digital business strategy and 89% have already implemented digital strategy. 

You see data never lies. Competitor analysis for websites has never been this important before.

Competitor website analysis is not only important it is the predominant factor to run as it can provide you all the necessary information on how your next move should be?

Identify Your Competitors for effective Competitors analysis for website

“Poor firms ignore their competitors; average firms copy their competitors; winning firms lead their competitors.”

Philip Kotler

Identifying your competitors can be tricky because you can have no clue who might come up with the business idea resembling yours. The market can already be populated with your business model as well. 

Competitor analysis for website and being unique among many

Identifying your competitors is not enough but choosing one is equally significant. Right competitors will always push you ahead.

Before picking worthy Competitors, make sure to include all strengths of competitors i.e both big and small for competitors analysis for website.

If you find resemblance on any of the following points. Then Congrats! You got one.

  1. Service Seeker
  2. Products/ Solution
  3. Business Domain

One of my friends always says “Google is the answer to every question”. A simple google search relating your business will do the job however it may not be enough.

Competitors  Website Analysis Tool

Were you thinking of doing all the hard stuff on your own? Well if you were then here’s good news for you. There are many tools that will perform competitor analysis for website.

You see now, why I love SEO so much. There’s a simple way to do everything.

As Neil suggested You should be focusing on these three points while performing competitor website analysis.

  • Keywords they are using
  • Source of Backlinks they are generating
  • Their top-ranking pages.

Here’s a list of highly efficient competitor website analysis tool.

1. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest had to be on our top list. First of all, it is absolutely free and offers many ways to evaluate your competitors. What you need to do is just enter your competitor’s URL and hit enter. Neil’s tool will tell you everything. You will find the traffic Analyzer tab on the left side of the screen. Here you will get everything you want to know about your competitors including their primary keywords, top pages, backlinks sources.

Competitor analysis for website using ubersuggest

            His tool has certainly delivered them all.

2. Semrush:

Semrush is the most popular SEO tool. It offers varieties of SEO services. And the competitor website analysis approach surely makes it different. Once you enter your preferred competitor website for analysis, you will be welcomed with all the information you need. 

The Domain Analytics tab on the left provides all the basics insight on your entered URL like overview, organic research, backlinks, advertising research, etc.

The most fascinating feature of this tool is the gap analysis. It points out the potential parameters right out of the box to work with. The features of the gap analysis are:

  • Keyword Gap
  • Backlink Gap
  • Bulk analysis
competitor analysis using semrush

3. Alexa:

Alexa is no new name in the tech industry. Thanks to their chain company Amazon, they are able to expand their influence in the tech market pretty well. Alexa Ranking is another standard set by amazon. It rates different websites based on their internet traffic and arranges their ranks accordingly. They are viewed as the modern parameter to check the domain authority. 

Well that’s not the end of the line, they even offer many competitor website analysis tools.

Their competitive analysis tool includes:

  • Audience Overlap tool
  • Site Comparisons
  • Website traffics Statistics
  • Find Similar site
  • Top sites
  • Alexa Browser Extension

4. Ahrefs:

Like many other tools above mentioned, Ahrefs is also a multi-dimensional tool when it comes to SEO. This tool can also deliver outstanding Site analysis reports. The reports are quite rich in SEO evaluation parameters. The backlink research is updated daily which provides you fresh results. It also provides you a brief idea of how well your competitors are doing on particular keywords and suggests potential keywords. 

5. SpyFu:

As the name suggests, SpyFu is another spying tool that particularly targets the most prized keywords of your competitors through Pay-per-click(PPC). PPC can be a great way for increasing your website traffic if your website is not famous enough. You see people are not silly to invest their money. If they are investing their money then surely they are gaining something in return. This ROI is defined in terms of PPC targeted keywords. 

Spyfu is a competitor website analysis tool to get access to your competitor’s most prized keywords. 

Information is the key. Just enter your competitors URL and you will see all the organic keywords and paid keywords your competitors are working day and night.

6. Similar Web:

Similar web is a free web analytics tool to some extent. You can compare the traffic stats between different websites. It also delivers the unique number of visitors per month in any website quite accurately. Another important method of finding traffic sources can be a similar web. Identify the platform where your potential traffic resides, and work rigorously on that platform.

It’s not feasible to mention every tool out there. Hence other Competitor website analysis tools that are worth mentioning are listed below:

These tools definitely deserve a visit.


competitor analysis for website analogy to running horse

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace”


Only finding the weakness of your competitors isn’t enough, you have to strike back with all you have got. Focus on the different shortcomings, build a solid strategy to work with. Develop the contents necessary from an SEO perspective. Work on all the gap keywords related to your business. 

If you are working on a strategy then you are already ahead of half of your competitors. As the study suggests only 50% work on their business strategy. 

Not just find the perfect competitors but also be a competitor to your competitor. Run a healthy competition as this will benefit both.

Feel free to suggest all the necessary flaws by Commenting below. All your Suggestions are heartily welcomed. 

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