9 Best Free Lorem Ipsum Generators For Cool Placeholder Texts in 2021

9 Best Free Lorem Ipsum Generators For Cool Placeholder Texts in 2021

If you have had encountered website designing or any other mock designing work, you believably know what lorem ipsum denotes. For those who don’t, lorem ipsum is an accumulation of random text that can be utilized as a placeholder copy in your design mockup to gauge how the final visuals would resemble.

Now, Free lorem ipsum Generators tools are handy, but using too much of the same text can get boring. That is why we should use some unique, creative, and funny random text generators to spice up your mockups a bit. In this article, we have collected the 9 best free lorem ipsum generators that cover a variety of topics. So let’s check out all of them.

List of Free Lorem Ipsum Generators:

1. Lorem Ipsum – for the good ol’ Lorem Ipsum

While reviewing the best free lorem ipsum generators, we cannot avoid the classic Latin paragraph Lorem Ipsum, as this tool creates as it never gets old. It builds a filler text of any length just in a single click. Although there is one condition, it lets you specify only the number of paragraphs you can generate and not the number of sentences or words like the other free lorem ipsum generator mentioned below.

Lorem Ipsum_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Lorem Ipsum here.

2. Fillerama

One of the best free lorem ipsum generators on the list is Fillerama, a bit different than the rest. Apart from the Lorem Ipsum, Fillerama can produce placeholder text from programs like Doctor Who, Dexter, Futurama, and Arrested Development. 

Fillerama_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Another unique feature of Fillerama is that it allows you to create passages with headers, lists, and inline styles so you won’t have to scratch your head much while placing filler texts for your new website.

Visit Fillerama here.

3. Pirate Ipsum

Adding on to the list of funny and surprising lorem ipsum websites, we have got the Pirate Ipsum that creates pirate-themed placeholder texts for you. Its ability to create some romantic text that walks the plank with robbers and ship edge is what makes it one of the best free and unique free lorem ipsum generators. Here is an example; Ahoy matey! What are ye waiting for? Get some Pirate Ipsum for yer next adventure…and own the high seas, arg!

Pirate Ipsum _Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Pirate Ipsum here.

4. Placehodler

We all have noticed the usual lorem ipsum paragraph in Latin on numberless websites and the websites discussed above would be enough for that. This is why we believed in adding some text generator websites too on this list and Placehodler is notably different in that judgment.

placeholder_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

This free lorem ipsum generator produces cryptocurrency-related texts if you define the number of words or paragraphs you need. So the next time you need placeholder text for your website, you know from where to get it!

Visit Placehodler here.

5. Trump Ipsum

If you notice US President Donald Trump entertaining and you can’t get sufficient of his false news, and customary expressions, have a try this Trump lipsum generator. It has the corresponding Trump march shades and a MAGA-themed badge to produce some “covfefe” flavored text that you might need for your next comedy site. Just mention the number of Trump-inspired passages you need and this site will produce placeholder text great freshly!

trump ipsum_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Trump Ipsum here.

6. Web 2.0 Ipsum

Website developers frequently require random text generators to combine out paragraphs to permeate in sites, primarily for software businesses or startups. For that, Web 2.0 is one of the best online free Lorem ipsum generators you can opt for. This lorem ipsum generator will produce both sensible and senseless text with startup names and IT-related phrases that can be practiced to fill up the white reservations.

web 2.0_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Web 2.0 Ipsum here.

7. Heisenberg Ipsum

The Heisenberg Ipsum is one of the most badass free lorem ipsum generators inspired from the Breaking Bad series, who can not only produce text for the legendary Walter White but also other characters on the show such as Saul Goodman, Gus Fring, Jesse Pinkman, and more!

Hisenberg ipsum_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

You can also set the number of paragraphs, words or characters to be produced. Sadly, you cannot select the number of sentences it produces and that is something you will have to select yourself hey, though it is cool anyway!

Visit Heisenberg Ipsum here.

8. Hipsum

When we are reviewing all the cool free lorem ipsum generators, Hipsum has to be on this list. This dummy text generator creates cool text for you in a single click. The website has a decent UI and you can decide to get a portion of hipster text with a range of Latin or Hipster neat (which will mix out text without any Latin phrases). Just choose the number of paragraphs you need and click the ‘beer me’ button for random rap song lyrics.

Hipsum_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Hipsum here.

9. Office Ipsum

For those who can’t hold a dull project, Office Ipsum is the best random text generator tool for you. This lorem ipsum generator tool allows you to select from office conference Ipsum, customer feedback Ipsum, or just the standard with Office Ipsum, that would hopefully bring a smile to many people’s face when you show the mockup designs.

Office ipsum_Free Lorem Ipsum Generators

Visit Office Ipsum here.

Here, we have provided you an overview of the 9 Best Free Lorem Ipsum Generators For Cool Placeholder Texts in 2021. Now, it is up to you to take the next step. If you have any queries regarding the following topics, please feel free to ask us in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

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