16 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know

16 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know

The Command Prompt, AKA a Command Processor, cmd prompt cmd.exe, Shell is accessible in every Windows OS, created by Microsoft in 1981, nearly four decades ago. Window PowerShell is also an upper-level command-line editor available in the latest versions of Windows.

Although the command prompt still doesn’t include a User interface, it supports text accepted input from the console. Command prompt allows you to ipconfig commands, ping, run that informs about network interfaces in a few basic moves.

Therefore, to present better Windows Command Prompt knowledge, in this article, we are going to tell you about some useful Windows Command Prompt tricks that’ll save some extra clicks. With these Windows Command Prompt Tricks, we hope that you will be able to get more about Windows OS.

List of Windows Command Prompt Tricks

1. Network (ipconfig all)

Ip config lets you see all the networks connected to your PC. It makes Network troubleshooting easier for you in very few steps. It shows you the current IP address, subnet mask, IPV4 address, default gateway.

2. Command History (doskey/history)

This is useful when you are trying to look for some command that you’ve used in the past, but can’t remember. With the help of this, you can trace down your command history.

3. See PC driver list (driverquery)

With the help of this command, you can observe all the drivers fixed on your computer. To do that, you have to run the driverquery command, and you will be seeing a list of all the drivers along with their name, type, and other essential information.

4. Shutdown your PC (shutdown /s)

This Shutdown command allows your PC or computer to troubleshoot. You can actually shut down your PC using the command; shutdown /s. and shutdown / r to restart your PC.

5. Make your Command Prompt colorful

You can actually alter the color of the Windows Command Prompt to make its background more appealing. To do so, click right in the top corners of the Command Prompt window and select Properties. You will find there Colors tab and look for the options to change the background and text color.

6. System information (system info)

This command allows you to show the overall information of the computer system using cmd shortcuts.

7. Check Battery status (Powercfg/a)

This command is used to check battery status using cmd. Cmd shortcuts to find the power configuration of the battery.

8. Exit from the current process(Ctrl C)

This command is one of the most useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks of the time when the cmd prompt is too messy to clear. It cleans the screen and delivers the workflow easy and clean.

9. Make a directory (mkdir directory_name)

This command is used to make a directory only in few steps. Create a new directory. The new directory is created by mkdir.

10. Delete the directory (del directory_name)

This command is used to delete a directory. For example del directoryA.

11. Clear the screen (cls)

Command prompt accepts the command cls to clear all the screens and make them clean.

12. Create a user (net user user_name /add)

This command is used as a shortcut to create a user within the directory.

13. Delete the User (del user_name)

This command is used as a shortcut to delete users from the directory.

14. Display time(time)

It designates the time and displays the time of the system.

15. List the task (tasklist)

This command lets users list probable tasks operating in the system.

16. Help in finding command (help)

This command lists down all the usable keywords with the basic function >It allows the user to work.

Here, we have provided you an overview of the 16 Useful Windows Command Prompt Tricks You Might Not Know In 2020|2021. Now, it is up to you to take the next step. If you have any queries regarding the following topics, please feel free to ask us in the comment section down below. Don’t forget to share it with your friends if you find it helpful.

Also, you can visit Windows command | Microsoft Docs for depth research and detailed information.

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