How will Google webmaster tools help with SEO?

How will Google webmaster tools help with SEO?

Ever wondered what it takes, to make the perfect website that everyone would appreciate. An ideal website that is miles ahead and distinguishes itself from the rest. If you are, then the term webmaster can clear your doubt.

Looking At Google Webmaster Guide

Here we are going to discuss all the fuss that google webmaster is currently making, and would it be wise to choose google webmaster as your mentor in your journey of being an efficient webmaster.

Here’s an overview of the topics, we will be discussing here.

  • What is Webmaster?
  • What is Google Webmaster?
  • What does google webmaster do?
  • What does google webmaster offer?
  • What is Bing webmaster?

To know more about Google webmaster, you must first understand “Webmaster”.

What is Webmaster?

Sounds more like a person than a tool right? The term webmaster makes it clear, master of the web. 
A person or a group of people responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the website.

Webmaster team working with Google webmaster

You see, websites in this day and age are like setting up your virtual shop in the vast universe of the internet.

 Everything on everyone’s website looks good, but what we don’t see are the people working day and night to make it happen. 

 A typical webmaster title desires a lot of responsibility, and the work can never be defined within a confined zone. It can range from technical SEO, Web development (coding), Quality Assurance, and the list goes on and on.

What is Google Webmaster?

Google Webmaster picture indicating Google search console tool

Google is always trying to be ahead of the game. 
Google is the pioneer of the very web, that we see and use today.
Google developed a forum with the sole purpose of helping everyone around the web to establish their products/websites more structurally and dynamically through Google Webmaster. 

What does google webmaster do?

Well previously, webmaster in any organization used to rely on external sources to make their website responsive in google chrome and improve ranks in Search Engine. After google webmaster, everything changed.

Google now with its webmaster tool, helps you to work closely with google’s own algorithm. It guides us to build the website, exactly how Google wants.

Google Webmaster Guidelines to follow

But why would google want us to follow?

 Well, the answer is straight, google doesn’t want the web to be polluted with unorganized webpages. And also who wants to be blacklisted by google anyway.

Google is defining a set of guidelines to eradicate the gap between google and the webmaster.

What does google webmaster offer?

Google webmaster is a dream come true for any webmaster. It’s like having the solutions right from the source without scratching your head rigorously. Here a list, what google webmaster has to offer.

1. Google search console
2. Support
3. Learn
4. Connect

It’s a development manual to enhance your skill along with its search console tool. 

Google search console is a tool that helps you regularly optimize your website with various defined parameters like overview, URL inspection, and many more.

Here’s a quick guide for google search console and its setup if you are curious.

Google Webmaster also offers you tons of resources related to web development and SEO in its Learn section.  Webmaster Academy has a dedicated section only focused on basic SEO guidelines from google.

Google Webmaster SEO Guidlines

Google is also providing you its assistance through its Support platform. Here you can have a glance at all the possible FAQ that might resemble your problem.

And last but not the least, Google Connect where you can be regularly updated about google via its community. Google Webmaster also provides links to its various product that will help you to explore google’s eco-system.

What is Bing webmaster?

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine and its webmaster is called bing webmaster. Bing has its own algorithms to evaluate and rank any web page on its search page.

And it doesn’t end with bing, Yandex has its own Webmaster, Facebook is also working on it and many more. You see, the foundation of every webmaster is the same.

A recent data published on May 2020 shows that Google owns 92.06 % of search engine market share.

Learn the basics from google because google owns the majority of the search market and rest will follow along. You might need to work on other webmasters, but you will have no problem dealing with them because all the webmasters are basically the same.


 Working on a project that requires a wide range of skills and your responsibility for the process is vast. Someone watching your back can really be helpful.

Team Learning to work with Google Webmaster

 Well, the webmaster tools from various search engines are here to do the job. Its free, resourceful, and right from the source. What else does a webmaster want in this digital age?

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