Subdomains for SEO? 5 mins reader’s delight

Subdomains for SEO? 5 mins reader’s delight

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Is Your website holding up? Maybe now it’s time to expand your website through Subdomain. Wait, Are you worried? Subdomains for SEO sounds like a nightmare, isn’t it? 

Ok, let’s break the hype. We will be discussing the impacts of subdomains for SEO. No matter what happens, SEO is and always be our top priority.

For instance, you want to completely simply your complex website architecture while still maintaining your original website. Subdomains are the right thing to do. You wouldn’t want to tangle your new audience with your awful old stuff. 

This is going to be different. Here we are breaking the sections into most asked questions on the internet that will be referring to “subdomains for SEO”. We hope, we will be successful in quenching your thrust. 

Just sit tight and enjoy the show.

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What are Subdomains?

Subdomains are the external part of your website, that is hosted with your top-level domain to satisfy your external business needs. 

It’s just a division. Imagine a different wing of your website that is fundamentally different from your original version.

subdmains for seo seperation

Let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

The host or basically your website is structurally divided into different parts. This hierarchy is named as a different level. Each word or element layout appearing in your URL.

What are the subdomain’s examples?

For instance, Wikipedia is the reader’s paradise. If it would have focused only on the English language, would it be able to achieve worldwide popularity? 

The answer is definitely no. You see, Wikipedia found a way to categorize different audiences, via subdomains. 

The  “”  is the top-level domain. It indicates your full website’s full name.

Wikipedia is the second-level domain, as it’s the name to represent your business. It’s awkward to refer to a company by its URL, isn’t it? They represent the name.

The third-level domain is where things get interesting. They are the subdomains. The “” clearly indicates the subdomain as “en” appeared on the front.

Have you noticed the flow earlier? The control seems to move forward. Hence, each level is indicated by the appearance of the word in order. 

How do I create a  subdomain?

It’s not as complex as it sounds. Just login to your hosting company that you are currently hosting your website from. There you will find an option called subdomain.

subdomains for seo cpannel

simply fill all the requirements and press Create. 

subdomains for seo submit

Swift as always.

Are subdomains free?

Yes, they are free. They can essentially be accessed from your control panel as explained above.

Subdirectory or Subdomains for SEO?

Let’s get something straight here. A subdirectory is entirely different from subdomains. They are essentially a section inside the root directory. Folder inside your website in simple terms. 

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Subdomains appear on the front but subdirectory appears behind your top-level domain. 

Consider is an example of the subdirectory. The category defines the subdirectory here.

whereas, is another subdomain of Wikipedia for France.

Now, let’s head back to the topic.

Are subdomains bad for SEO?

Subdirectory or subdomains for SEO? Which one should you pick? To break the suspense, Google views both equally. For both, Google uses the same pattern to analyze your property from an SEO perspective.
They have equal precedence. But do they both benefit equally from an SEO perspective?
Read on and find out for yourself. 

Using subdomain has a greater edge, Here’s why?

SEO experts have been so clever lately. They know how to use the weakness of google for their benefit. They have mastered the art of molding the circumstances according to them. 

The same is the case here.

As clearly explained above, google view subdirectory and subdomains equally. But can’t you amplify the results. Here’s how.

Using subdomains gives you an advantage. 

subdomains for seo clever owl

As Matt Cutts explains, Google treats a subdomain entirely different entity from your website. He also explained google allows two results from the same page on the SERP results. 

Here you can add a subdomain to view two different additional results from your subdomain. In this way, you will increase your visibility by working on a subdomain. Subdomain or the domain, it ultimately adds up your brand value.

 Implementing keywords on URL and better user experience are some of the other benefits of Subdomains. 

However, be alarmed that Google is aware of the fact of people using many unnecessary subdomains. 

Work genuinely, only use the subdomains that are absolutely necessary for your business.

Some of the reasons that might drive you to use Subdomains

The business needs are different for different enterprises. Here we have accumulated some of the general use-cases to help you decide if you truly in need of a Subdomain.

subdomains for seo different objects
  1. If you are thinking of delivering a completely different product or service that deviates from your original idea. 
  2. Targeting different sets of the audience can be another viable cause. Targeting different age groups as they clearly represent different tastes. Or maybe thinking of expanding your business in different linguistic groups.
  3. Starting off a huge blog. Imagine that your products aren’t selling out well. Creating a huge blog and hosting it in different subdomains might be another sensible thing to do.

Choose wisely, as they will clearly make a difference. Make your vision clear, analyze your scope, and take decisions based on facts.

Thanks for staying with us. 

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