How does Google’s keyword planner tool work? Top 7 valid checklist

How does Google’s keyword planner tool work? Top 7 valid checklist

When we are dealing with keywords Research, the Google keyword planner surely crosses our minds. A keyword research tool that is straight out of google. Isn’t this a kind gesture from google? Or just another hype Google is creating. And how does Google’s keyword planner tool work?

During the keyword research, free tools are great to work especially when your organization doesn’t want to spend money on premium tools.

When you are lost in different guidelines on Keyword Research and your options are limited to free tools, then Keyword Planner can definitely be your savior.

Is Google keyword planner really free?

Well, the answer lies in somewhat middle i.e free to some extent. You see now Google has decided to make the result more complex. It now uses a range to show a search volume, unless you decide to run a campaign in Google Ads.

Has google keyword planner lost its charms?

A lot of SEO enthusiasts have lost their interest due to a lack of accuracy in keyword planner data. I think something free, rather than nothing is a lot better. Google keyword planner was developed for google Ads, so our findings may deviate here. Google keyword planner can be a useful tool for SEO if we tweak it the way we want it. 

How does Google’s keyword planner tool work?

Here’s the list of all the points explaining to you the working technique of this tool and you can start using the keyword planner right along.

1. Focus on different keywords:

Well, the keyword planner gives us the feature of adding multiple keywords. Enter all the keywords that approximate your business. Using the right keyword can get a little tricky. Using the keywords whose scope lies in the middle is considered wise than using the broader line ones.

Among these three which keyword would you choose?

  • Laptops
  • Budget Laptop
  • Most economic i7  laptop

It would be wiser to choose the budget laptop as the keyword clearly lies within the scope of rest two. Being selective in Keywords always helps in SEO.

how does google's keyword planner tool work by adding keywords
Try adding multiple keywords

2. Try using the search filter:

Using a Search filter can really enhance your search results. You can explorer a lot in the filter section. For instance, if you choose the keyword option, then additional options pop out. Here you can choose your keywords to contain or don’t contain your selected word and even allocate the exact match. Top Bidding and low bidding fields are highly recommended.

how does google's keyword planner tool work by adding filter

3. Try using the suggested keywords:

Once you enter your primary keywords, don’t forget to add up the suggested keywords to your list. These keywords are straight from google.

how does google's keyword planner tool works by suggested keywords

4. Setting up the right entries:

You can find four different fields at the top of the keyword planner. These fields are:

  • Locations
  • Language
  • Search Network
  • Date
How does google's keyword planner tool work by adding relevant fields

These variations give you better control over your data. Here you can get more specific. Most of the free tools don’t include every country on the globe. If your country is missing, on those famous tools then the keyword planner eradicates that problem. It helps localization in your keyword. Google hasn’t missed Nepal here. 

5. Arrange the order in results columns:

By simply clicking on the title of the header you can sort the list either in increasing or decreasing order. It helps a lot in prioritizing your data. Keywords placed in order give you the privilege of consecutive data analysis.

how does google's keyword planner work by arranging order

6.Getting more specific Search Volume:

  There’s a little trick here. Google doesn’t want directly to expose this but it’s no secret. 

  • Select two or more keywords by simply checking the box.
  • Click on the “+ Add keywords” button.
  • On the drop-out section of the left menu, you need to click on the plan overview.

And your result will look something like this.

How does google's keyword planner tool work by adding to paln

Here google’s main objective is to indicate the bidding price for the ads. The click, impression, cost data is what we are looking for. 

Always consider the CPC rate because the more the CPC, the more valuable the keyword is.

7. Add Your Competitor’s URL:

SEO is all about utilizing your competitor’s weakness. If you can spot one, then a straight shot can do a lot of damage. Entering your competitor’s URL will unlock a lot of potential keywords and you can work on. It lets you see the loopholes in the market. Now that’s what I call a bonus.

how does google keyword planner tool work by adding url


Google Keyword planner offers a lot for being just a free tool. It gives you fewer data than the paid tools but one can’t complain especially after knowing this many tweaks.

Keyword Planner is a must-use tool if you mostly rely on free tools and local SEO is your priority.

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