Google Slides: 1 step solution to all your Presentation Needs[2020 updated]

Google Slides: 1 step solution to all your Presentation Needs[2020 updated]

Google slides deserve the best award for solving our presentation problem and helping us get our work done easily.


Well, Have you ever faced the rush when you have to present in front of a team or your clients? or your university presentation? Teachings? and so on..

Apart from creating presentations, you have to manage your slides, collaborate with other members in the team, maintain set up, connect with others, and again pre-check if anything has to be added or removed…Loads of work, right??? 

Google slides solution

Well, Not Anymore!

Google slide is the new one-step solution to solve all your presentation problems from creating, saving to sharing.

The cloud-based system allows you to create, manage, format, and collaborate presentations allowing you to deliver the best presentation in one go.

You can have access to your presentation from anywhere, anytime, and no need to rush for pre-setup.

Just focus on your presentation and grab the opportunity.

So let’s learn in-depth about google slides and how one can use google slides for better functionality and usability.

How to get started?

A Beginner? No idea where to start? It’s easy

  • Sign in to your google account
Sign in google account

Create or import files

You can either create a new file or import your existing files from your computer or other devices. It allows you to interact and collaborate from different devices and sources.

To create New File

After entering the google sides interface, Simply click the plus button.

Create new google slides

And choose the google slides to select the new presentation

Whereas to upload your existing file into slides

  • Go to the interface 
  • Click Files on the top left corner
  • There you can see the import option, click there.
Import slides

You can import your other drive presentation and can upload new files from your devices.

Upload slides

The google slides Interface

When you open the slides and create a new presentation in the slides, the interface will look like this.

Google slides Interface

The interface contains toolbars and options that will allow you to create slides, choose layouts, modify themes, and collaborate with others. However, there are no save options, as the slides will be autosaved whenever any changes are made.

Adding and Editing contents

Now you are started with google slides, you can change the looks and format of the slides based on your need and using different options available. Let’s get it done,

Choosing layouts 

Whan started with new slides, it will have a placeholder for your texts and titles. Depending on the type of information, you can choose different layouts from the layout menu.

Choose the dropdown menu alongside the new slide option and you can view different layouts options.

Choose one based on your preferences.

Choose layouts

Choose themes

To start, you can choose any new theme that you allow to have the same background and text style for all your presentation slides and allow consistency. You can change the theme anytime you want.

Click the Theme option from the shortcut toolbar

Choose themes

The theme will appear, then select the desired theme which will be applied to all your slides.

Change themes

Changing Background

To change the background for your slide you can choose the background option from the toolbar and select different background color options for the slides.

Change background

Add and modify the content

There are various easy options available to change and modify your content. You just have to click a few options ..let’s have a look…

  1. Rename The presentation: Click Untitled Presentation and enter a new name.
  2. Add Image: Insert > Images to add different images from varieties of resources.
  3. Add Text: You can choose your blank template presentation and add text as you like. Click insert > Text box and click the box when adding text. The text can be moved, resized, and deleted.
  4. Videos and Charts: To add videos and charts, click insert  and you can add, shapes, videos, charts, drawings, and other features to your presentation.
  5. Speaker Notes: Speaker notes are really important and allies you to keep track of your presentation and remember important details of the presentation. You can add speaker notes to your slides. The Speaker note is presented beneath the current slide and is open in the new window when you present.
Add and modify content

Organizing Slides

Google slides contain as many slides as you need. However, google slides also allows you the function to navigate your slide. You can organize, move, make duplicates, and delete your slides.

Organize google slides

Playing Your Presentation

Once you are done with your slides. You can automatically play your slides and present it to your audiences. You can also practice your presentation and manage the time accordingly before presenting it to amass.

  • This is how it is done. Click the present button at the top of the page. You can also choose the dropdown menu for additional options.
Present slides
  • The presentation will appear in a maximized window with a navigation bar at the lower-left corner.
Play presentation

 It has multiple options to play the presentation.(Pause,next,settings,etc.) This allows users to present calmly and at your own pace.

Present options in google slides
  • Press the ESC key to exit the presentation mode.

Share and collaborate

Now,  No need for wires and other devices for sharing your content with your colleagues or your audience. It’s simple and a few clicks away!!

Google slides allow you to share the slides with various people and welcome them to make changes and collaborate in one platform.

You can share with your team and they can make changes at the same time which can be viewed as they happen.

  • Click the file you want to select
  • Click the share Option on top
Share presentation
  • Under share “Share with people and groups”, enter the email you want to share with or their names.
Share with emails
  • To see what people can do with your file. You can choose to share with people setting and click options as commentators, viewers, or editors.
  • After you add the email address, click done, and it’s shared instantly.

To share link

  • Click the share button at the top
  • To change permission on what people can do with your file click down arrow and select viewer, editor, or commenter.
  • Click copy link
  • Click done
Share links

Now you can share the link to email, websites, or share anywhere you like.

Why Google Slides?

importance of google slides, Why google slides
Importance of Google Slides.


Google slides with its multiple functions and easy access tools allow you to create a presentation in no time.

You can create different designs, add sound, videos, animations, and many advanced tools in one go that helps to save your time and effort.

Knowing the basics of google slides is useful not only to teachers, students, and presenters but also to everyone who wants to shine their ideas and lights out to the world and share their story.

Try it out Yourself and explore the usability of Google slides and its tools to make your day to day life easy and manageable.

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