How to upload a video on Youtube

How to upload a video on Youtube

Youtube is a popular site for streaming videos and Youtube channels are also trending. If you have created a video and want to share it, then Youtube can be an excellent source to share it. If you are wondering, How to upload a video on Youtube then read on to find out. And If you don’t have a youtube channel then find out by clicking on How to create a youtube.

How to upload a video on Youtube

Follow these steps to find out how to upload a video on Youtube.

Step 1: Sign in

First, sign in to your youtube account. To sign in go to Youtube and click on the ‘Sign in’ at the top right corner. You can sign in using your Google account or create a new account if you do not have one (find out how to create a google account).

sign in

Then enter your details and log in.

enter sign in details

Step 2: Select the video icon

You need to select the video icon at the top right corner, next to your user icon, messages, apps, and notification. Then click on the ‘Upload video’ option.

How to upload a video on Youtube 2
Upload video (How to upload a video on Youtube)

Step 3 Select a file to upload

Click on the ‘Select files’ option to find the video saved on your computer. You can also drag and drop the file into the window directly to upload the video.

Select files (How to upload a video on Youtube)

Now, you have successfully uploaded the video. You can also choose the privacy settings on your Video and set the settings as per your choice.

This is all about how to upload a video on youtube. But read on to find out more about how to ensure your videos are easy to find and gets more views

Few tips to consider while uploading your video

1.Since now you know how to Upload a video on Youtube, remember to add a catchy title to your video so that people are attracted to your video and get interested to watch it.

2. Make sure you add an SEO friendly title to your video so that it is easy to discover via search engines.

3. Add a description to your videos so that people know what your video is about. Keep the description short and informative enough to spark interest in the audience.

4. You can also add tags, this acts as tools to discover your videos

5. You can also add an end screen to the last few seconds of your video to show the elements of your channel such as additional videos, links, etc.

6. You can try adding cards to increase views. Cards are the interactive elements of Youtube that let creators share clickable links to relevant content throughout a video,

Built-in Youtube Tools

Youtube also has some built-in tools that may come in handy while uploading your videos. Some of them are:

Youtube audio library

Youtube has an audio Library from where you can add songs and sound effects in your video.

Youtube video editor

You can also edit your videos on Youtube. You can implement basic functions such as trim, splice, enhance, and filter along with adding special effects to your video. It also has a slide show creator where you can upload photos and the site automatically creates a slide show. You can arrange the sequence of the slide show, add audio, select slide transition effect, and change slide duration.

For example, If you need to blur faces in your videos then there is a dedicated section to this within the enhancement tab, and also there is a custom blur option for the extra blur action.

Wrapping Up

These are a few of the many tips to consider while uploading videos on Youtube. Feel free to comment below if you have tips and suggestions to consider while uploading a video on Youtube. Also hopefully you know how to upload a video on Youtube.

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